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Acorn Brand Information

“Comfort on Earth.”

This is Acorn’s mission to its customers. So what is comfort to you? Acorn’s original idea was the slipper sock, footwear that embraces your feet. These shoes were light, cushiony, breathable, and warm, a perfect pair to kick back and relax in.


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Acorn History

The company’s motto, "Comfort on Earth," was established by family man David k. Quinn. His goal was to bring back the good old days when friends and loved ones moseyed around log cabins in worn slippers and oversized socks. His dedication to comfort soon caught the attention of astronaut Ken Mattingly who decided to take a pair of slipper socks on a trip into space. With the newfound publicity, the business instantly rocketed into a high-profile international manufacturer.

Acorn shoes all contain their classic comfort sole. The signature memory foam and featherweight EVA compliments the sheepskin for maximum cushioning. All of which is fit under an eye-pleasing suede outer. Since their inception in 1976, Acorn has branched out to include outdoor footwear including sport models and beach sandals. Even after Acorn began to incorporate modern fashions and contemporary influences, their level of comfort and quality remains unsurpassed.

Acorn Style

Sheepskin is known in our culture by its natural heat regulating properties. When used in clothing, not only is sheepskin soft and cozy to wear, it also absorbs moisture from its surroundings. The lanolin in sheepskin is a natural repellent against dust, water, and bacteria. Its waxy texture gives footwear a self cleaning property and insulates when worn against human skin.

Acorn Popular Styles


Footwear has changed so much throughout the ages. Today, with fashion and creativity in high demand, Acorn has stepped their game up by introducing all kinds of comfort footwear for men, women, and children. There signature design still includes a therapeutic layer of high-density memory foam as well as the incorporation of modern sheepskin technology. All materials are of the highest quality and hand treated to guarantee satisfaction. These shoes are a must have classic for any lover of comfort and health, because chances are, your feet won’t want anything else for a while.

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