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Aussie Dogs Brand Information

“Exceptional craftsmanship and intelligent design creates a luxuriously comfortable and stylish product.”

As with all things surf-related, balance is key. Aussie Dog has found the importance in keeping things balanced for your feet; not too hot, not too cold; not too loose; not too tight. Their use of sheepskin as an interior and pig skin for the exterior is the perfect balance between two of nature’s most quality materials. In fact, Aussie Dog’s shoe design is intended to be worn barefoot. The sheepskin will wick away moisture and the removable insole can be washed easily.

Aussie Dogs

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Aussie Dogs History

Boots to the beach? You never thought you’d be asked to do that. This little quirk, though, is what led to the creation of Aussie Dogs, the sheepskin boots America has come to love. In 1989, Chris Watts took a vacation to New Zealand with nothing but 10 Mexican style ponchos tucked in with his luggage. His idea was to bring a new fashion into the surfing community. During his journey though, Watts came across a pair of sheepskin shoes that all the other surfers were referring to as “Ugly Boots." A relatively accurate description for one very non-descript pair of shoes. Instantly, Watts fell in love with the comfort and warmth of the boots. His only concern was the style. With an innovative mind, Chris Watts brought the shoes back to San Clemente, California, where he integrated the natural sheepskin benefits and properties with an active American lifestyle. Today, we’ve come to love these boots as Aussie Dogs.

Aussie Dogs Style

Sheepskin boots can be found anywhere. It is no secret that sheepskin is not only comfortable, but also healthy for your feet. Aussie Dog has revolutionized the sheepskin boots industry with the introduction of a brand new way of laminating leather to add durability and support. This removes the rather expensive cost of processing twin-faced sheepskin, while still keeping the soft texture consistent.

Aussie Dog uses an original method of carefully lining suede with pig skin as reinforcement. This procedure allows the boot to not only feel soft and velvety, but retain the rich hide-like texture of premium sheepskin. Additionally, suede and pig hide both outlast most other leathers. The combination of the two materials results in a much stronger and sturdy exterior. This product will not only take a load off any customer’s wallet, but it is also much easier to clean and maintain.

Try some of Aussie Dogs top favorites like the Styler Short - a premium sheepskin boot for the ultimate luxury and comfort. Popular Men’s designs include the Bonzer Short - a classic boot with suede outer and merino sheepskin interior that molds comfortably to your feet.

Aussie Dogs Popular Styles

Care Products

Most Aussie Dog products take advantage of the amazing abilities of sheepskin. Accessories range from Sherpa hats to key chains, but their true dedication is to reliable comfort footwear. Aussie Dog makes boots and shoes for men, women, and children with styles ranging from indoor slip-ons to heavy-duty outdoor boots. Next time the waves hit, keep your sandals under your bed, slip your feet into the quality, comfort, and unique style of an Aussie Dog.

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