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Aussie Girl Brand Information

“Aussie Girls appeals to the active lifestyle and fashion conscious consumer.”

With the success of Aussie Dogs, America’s trusted provider of glamour footwear and sheepskin products, Aussie Girl was an inevitable follow-up. This division of Aussie Dog focuses on an environmentally friendly alternative to high-end fashion. Retaining many of their classic styles, Aussie Girl traded in the traditional Merino sheepskin and instead, took a more vegan approach to the shoe industry.

Aussie Girls

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Aussie Girl History

Since their launch in January, 2011, Aussie Girl has announced over 32 footwear options, featuring many popular styles from their sister brand (or perhaps, brother brand). And with a more feminine approach, Aussie Girl has developed many unique high-fashion styles of their own, keeping in mind the importance of protecting our planet. Luckily for the consumers, their dedication to creating quality Australian surfing boots is still at the forefront of their agenda. Their greatest challenge was finding a substitute for luxury sheepskin. Sheepskin in footwear has become known for its heat regulating properties. The natural lanolin in wool helps balance out humidity and absorbs extra moisture from your body. Just because it is too hot or too cold outside, doesn’t mean you have to be!

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Exceptional craftsmanship and intelligent design combine to create a luxuriously comfortable and stylish product.

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