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Bearpaw Brand Information

“Everything you need to live life comfortably.”

The company proudly produces sensibly priced sheepskin items that stand apart from other brands. Using only the most durable sheepskin and leathers available, Bearpaw shoes are focused on providing long-lasting comfort and style.

Bearpaw footwear is the perfect lifestyle statement that reflects what’s important to you. Whether you love the sun and sand at the beach, or the white powder on the mountain, Bearpaw has a shoe for your lifestyle.

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Bearpaw History

Founder Tom Romeo redefined casual footwear in 2001 by using natural sheepskin to create stylish and comfortable shoes. Bearpaw launched with Big 5 Sporting Goods, quickly finding a home in the market with their exceptional value and quality.

Bearpaw continued to expand over time, building a new factory in 2003 and partnering with Famous Footwear in 2005. The company made a comprehensive entry into the online footwear market in the second half of the decade, partnering with major online retailers like to sell their products worldwide.

Bearpaw has recently extended their line of products to include a full suite of footwear options to suit any activity, style, or personality. Each pair of Bearpaw footwear is engineered with the natural benefits of sheepskin to keep your feet relaxed, comfy, and fashionable. You’ll love your new pair.

Bearpaw Style

Bearpaw model

Bearpaw’s collections feature both classic and modern fashions of boots, sandals, slippers, and shoes, with each showcasing different functional and stylistic elements. Each and every pair of Bearpaw shoes, slippers, and boots are made to feel comfortable and look great. Bearpaw uses 100% genuine sheepskin and durable leather in the production of their footwear. Their selection includes:

3 heights, Awesome variety


Dream Style

The Classic Collection is Bearpaw’s flagship line. Collectively we have the Dream, Eva, and Knit Tall styles. These boots lead the way with timeless sheepskin styling and quaint details. Bearpaw offers classic styles in 8, 10, and 12 inch shaft heights, making sure that everyone can have the perfect boot.

Knit Tall Style


Kola Style

The Boutique Collection is perfect for the fashion forward. This collection is available in three styles, the Anja, the Kaska, and the Kola. These boots come in interesting shapes, striking designs, and bright colors that perfect any outfit. Using hard to find fabrics and materials, these boots are produced in limited quantities. We are proud to stock a selection of Bearpaw Boutique boots.

Kaska Style


Atlantic Style

The Campus Collection is the epitome of relaxed style from Bearpaw. Featuring lightweight uppers and sandal styling, these shoes are the perfect hassle-free choice for any situation. Easy and quick to put on, undeniably comfortable – What’s not to love? This great collection has three different styles; the Atlantic, the Lawrence, and the Hudson.

Hudson Style


Yukon Style

The Tahoe Collection is ready for anything. This line of rugged shoes will have you running through the snow with their heavy-duty soles and sturdy design. This collection of boots is characterized by exposed fur details that make the perfect mountain fashion statement.

Yukon Style


Yukon Style

At the end of the day, or at the start, it’s the perfect time for the Bearpaw Slipper, Sandal, and Shoe Collection. Browse Women’s, Men’s, or Kid’s styles. Bearpaw’s slippers use only 100% genuine sheepskin to provide complete comfort and relaxation. Their line includes designs that are perfect for slipping on and off, or sporty models that can handle any terrain.

Yukon Style


Bearpaw Hats

Bearpaw doesn't limit itself to shoes alone, so why should you? Check out some of thier fashionable gloves or hats, made with Sheepskin of course!

Bearpaw Gloves

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