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Boot Bop Brand Information

“Every girl and every boy deserves a little bop...Boot Bop!”

Boot Bops are fun and playful! These pins are a sure way to customize sheepskin boots and get the message of individuality across with an array of designs to choose from. Boot Bops are made in the USA, rust-proof and lead-free. Each pin has a safety backing that fits snug and virtually vanishes when fastened. Change Boop Bops according to your mood without worrying about damage to your sheepskin boots - just remove the backing and rub the area to watch the hole disappear.

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Boot Bop History

Kathy Lazar and Alyssa Glantz were watching their sons’ basketball game when they observed other mothers wearing sheepskin boots. During the course of the game, they discussed how fun it would be if expressive pins adorned the boots.

The simple idea from these savvy moms soon became praised accessories and have since been highlighted on television and in magazines. Boot Bops have now grown to also make necklaces, zipper pulls, bracelet wraps, baby backpacks, Sneaker Bops and Custom Bops.

Boot Bops is proud of its humble beginnings in Deerfield, Illinois and continues to make its accessories in the US.

Boot Bop Style

Boot Bop Styles

There’s a vast assortment of Boot Bops to choose from and there’s no reason to select just one. From sports, retro signs, music to the outdoors, Boot Bops has everything covered. These fun pins are colorful and will make boots and personalities stand out from the crowd.

Children and women who want to express their fun and funky sides love Boot Bops. At the playground or the beach, these cool accessories are so unique that there is no limit to creativity. One Boot Bop will definitely make way for more and it will come as no surprise when your collection grows!

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