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Chooka Brand Sheepskin Footwear

“Warm on the inside, hot on the outside.”


About Chooka

Chooka got its start producing fashionable rain boots. Their designs combined functionality and style, creating products with great market appeal. Bright colors, polka dots, and even animal prints helped make Chooka successful.

With their commitment to functionality and fashion, it’s no wonder that Chooka began making sheepskin products shortly after the brands inception. Chooka’s slippers and shoes harness the natural benefits of sheepskin to keep your feet happy, while their designs keep you looking great.

Chooka Boots in Washington

Chooka’s History

Chooka Boots in snow

Chooka’s parent company, the Washington Shoe Company, was founded in 1891. The company quickly built its reputation by making rugged, yet comfortable work boots for the thousands of men seeking their fortune in the harsh conditions of the Alaska Gold Rush.

The company began making slippers in the 1940's, after work boot customers showed a desire to wear comfortable shoes around the house. Chooka quickly found that the qualities of sheepskin made their slippers even softer, warmer, and more comfortable than others on the market. The outstanding properties of sheepskin helped make Chooka slippers a favorite among outdoorsmen and workers.

Chooka recently started making a complete line of sheepskin boots and slippers, which quickly became popular with people using them after water sports and winter sports. Chooka slippers are now synonymous with comfort.


Chooka’s unique styling helped propel their rain boot collection to the forefront of functional footwear when the ability to print designs on rubber was discovered in 2003. Fashionistas quickly found out that the collection’s bright colors and fresh patterns made the perfect fashion statement, giving Chooka a home in the fashion footwear market.

Rugged construction and popular styling and from their rain boot collection are carried over to Chooka’s sheepskin boots and slippers. Bright colors and interesting patch and embroidered details set these sheepskin items apart from others on the market. At the same time, quality craftsmanship including cowhide suede outers ensures that Chooka footwear is durable and long-lasting.

Chookas are stylish, rugged, and comfortable sheepskin footwear designed to appeal to women of all ages. Chookas come in a wide selection of chic and unexpected colors including faded pink, surf blue, and burnt orange. Uppers are designed to match and coordinate with sole colors to create a fashion forward look. Women’s sizes range from 5 to 11.

Womens Boots

Who’s Wearing Chooka?

Chooka’s are wildly popular among celebrities. The likes of Paris Hilton, Katie Cassidy, and Vanessa Hudgens have all been spotted in these stylish treads. Now you can too.

Now establishing itself as number one in fashion raingear, Chooka has come a long way. With new and innovative silhouettes and fresh and young designs, Chooka is growing and reinventing the rain boot every season. It has proved that utility can be beautiful, unique and stylish.

In any weather, Chookas are more than an accessory to an outfit, Chookas are the outfit.

From the classic and clean Chooka Signature line to the zany and edgy Chookas, Chooka boots’ trend-setting styles feed any passion for fashion.

Kate Cassidy in Chooka
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