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FitFlop Brand Information

“The epitome of functional footwear”

The FitFlop brand is a testament to always having enough time for healthy living. Our society is one that demands efficiency, one that often leaves you tired and exhausted. FitFlop focuses on boosting stamina and removing stress off your feet by evenly distributing body weight around its FOOTFLOAT insole. Whether you already hike twenty miles every morning or just want to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, FitFlop is there to lend a helping hand – or foot.


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FitFlop History

The FitFlop is designed to provide you with a constant workout while you walk. Biomechanists, Dr. David Cook and Darren James from the Center for Human Performance at London’s Southbank University, have collaborated with personal trainer Marcia Kilgore, to create the healthiest pair of shoes you will ever step into. Each individual shoe is equipped with an original Microwobbleboard, the brilliant sole technology that creates instability in the mid-regions of your feet while reinforcing the toes and heel. By causing muscle confusion, the Microwobbleboard begins to immediately strengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps, and bottom - a workout you can feel the second you slip on a pair of FitFlops. By strengthening your walking muscles, the FitFlops greatest perk is actually its ability to remove stress from lower joints. The Microwobbleboard actually curves at a downward angle towards the toes to correct posture in the lower body. This promotes a healthy stride and actually removes up to 22% of the stress off of your knees.

FitFlop Style

Since their launch in 2008, FitFlop has revolutionized the function-fashion industry. Equipped with the Microwobbleboard technology, they began to apply excellent health to the latest trends. Styles like the Women’s Gogh and MukLuk Short became instant best sellers for their hip and youthful features. Though FitFlops were originally designed for women, the brand new Men’s line also received unbelievable feedback. Models like the Double Face Gogh with a neoprene collar and premium sheepskin upper have strode into the favorites of both hikers and businessmen.

FitFlop Style

Women's Styles

FitFlop Tall Boot FitFlop Short Boot FitFlop Womens Clog

All of FitFlop's boots and shoes provide a constant workout while you walk.

Men's Styles

FitFlop Mens Boots FitFlop Mens Clog

The Microwobbleboard sole begins to immediately strengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps, and bottom - a workout you can feel the second you slip on a pair of FitFlops.

Kid's Styles

FitFlop Kids Boots FitFlop Childrens Boots

Children will benefit from these health-promoting shoes which also help to improve posture.

From their headquarters in London, FitFlop sold over one million pairs in the first six months of launching. If you’ve visited the beach recently or have strolled through the city streets, you’ve definitely noticed the distinct thick-soled FitFlops that have seemingly taken over. Designers like New York’s Kirna Zabête, have even ordered custom designs to add to their selection. If you’re feet have always been there for you, it’s time to start treating them right. Slip into a pair of FitFlops so that each step you take can be a step towards a healthier and happier life.

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