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Manitobah Mukluks

“Stitch by stitch, bead by bead, we tell the story of our people.”

Manitobah Mukluks is proud to produce authentic mukluks and moccasins that reflect the traditional customs and cultures of the Métis people. The aboriginal owned company produces all their products in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the company’s success helps support local communities and keeps traditions alive.

Each pair of Manitobah Mukluks footwear is a celebration of Métis people’s values and history. The Métis, one of three recognized Aboriginal groups in Canada, have always lived in harmony with nature. These shoes reflect that culture, using earth friendly and natural materials to create authentic items that you’ll be proud to call your own.

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Manitobah Mukluks offers several collections of mukluks and moccasins that fit perfectly and look great. Their selection includes lined and unlined moccasins and mukluks with a leather, crepe, or Vibram sole. Tons of colors and traditional beaded accents are available to create the perfect look./p>

True to their heritage, many Manitobah items feature eye-catching and interesting woven beadwork patterns. Floral and geometric styles add a unique bit of detail to any Manitobah mukluk or moccasin. These don’t just look great though; every beaded pattern helps preserve the Métis’ longstanding tradition of beadwork.

Traditional elements continue throughout, right down to the leather-soles. Authentic construction ignores modern lasting techniques, which forces a piece of material around a standard shoe form. Instead, Manitobah leather-sole shoes use a rolled toe design which allows the material to form naturally to the unique shape of the user’s foot.

Of course, if there’s time for tradition, there is also time for innovation. Manitobah partnered with Vibram® in 2009 to produce a rubber sole that could stand up to the rigors of an urban environment. The result is a durable, yet flexible sole that performs well in cold weather and on rough surfaces. Remaining true to their roots, the sole comes in two designs that celebrate aboriginal heritage.

Created by artist Heather Steppler, the Tipi and Turtle sole designs tell the story of natural world, the spiritual world, and everything in between. Their unmistakable designs symbolize the energy flowing through all things, connecting these shoes to the ground they walk on. Of course, they look great while providing unbeatable traction.


The Métis story gets its start during the height of the North American fur trade, when the First Nations people helped bridge the gap between aboriginal and European cultures. Their knowledge of the land and ability to sew quality clothing was invaluable to European traders, who needed to adjust to the harsh Canadian climate.

As the two groups grew together, intermarrying became increasingly common. The children born of these unions were exposed to both Catholic and Aboriginal belief systems, resulting in a distinct group of people that we know as the Métis. This dualism gave the Métis people a unique and valuable perspective, which helped foster strong trading relationships and maintain peace.

The Métis continue to be a prominent group of fur and clothing traders, tanning, sewing, and beadworking using traditional methods. Manitobah is proud to support this aboriginal culture through their community partnerships and StoryBoots project.

Who's Wearing Them?

Manitobah has experienced a huge rise in demand since celebrities were photographed wearing the company’s products in 2006. Since then, Manitobah boots and moccasins have continued to be a popular choice among celebrities and fashionable consumers alike, with Jennifer Love Hewett spotted as recently as January 2011 in her boots.

They look great on her, and they will on you too. Manitobah mukluks and moccasins are the perfect fashion-forward choice to suit your style.

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