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Minnetonka Brand Information

“Society speeds up by the day. People grow busier and time flows away like water.”

Sometimes, however, all anyone needs is to relax. To be at peace. Minnetonka is a token for that lifestyle, bringing people back to the rugged outdoors in which moccasins were first needed; back to the raw hand kneaded materials that will never grow old.

Sixty years later, the Minnetonka brand has expanded their styles all across America. Though their Moccasin’s have proven to be timeless, today many people may know Minnetonka by their sheepskin boots, sandals, shearlings, slippers, hats, and accessories. Casual and comfortable is the true American lifestyle.


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Minnetonka History

Moccasins have been worn since Native Americans first treaded across the country. Originally they were designed for everyday use in Indian tribes. Moccasins served a multitude of different purposes and had slightly different designs accordingly. A Moccasin’s defining quality is that instead of having a firm structure and tough sides, the shoe is one piece of leather, sewn together at the top. This procedure allows the material to hug your feet, leaving enough space to breathe. In many Indian cultures, this was their way of getting in touch with nature, not damaging the earth itself by stepping on it.

Since 1946, Minnetonka has been serving America with quality craftsmanship, keeping only one goal in mind, to bring the free-spirit back into society – the simple life. The word “Minnetonka” comes from the Dakota Indian mni tanka which means “great water”. Today the popular moccasins are still crafted with soft suede and lined with a comfortable sheepskin interior, offering you a shoe experience like no other. Quality and unique materials still set Minnetonka apart from any competitor.

Minnetonka Style

Minnetonka makes footwear for men, women and children, while holding true to the art of “casual comfort” that they have perfected over the years. With gravel and cement being more common now, moccasins are made with both soft and hard soles to provide extra protection for appropriate situations.


All products from have a soft sheepskin interior. Sheepskin has become famous for its incomparable softness and comfort. The material itself is known to naturally regulate body temperature and absorb excess moisture on contact. Most sheepskin footwear is, in fact, designed to be worn barefoot to maximize the benefits of sheepskin. Not only is sheepskin easy to the touch, but keeping your feet dry and warm is also the best way to keep them healthy.

Contemporary styles vary from traditional loafers to knee high boots, from tribal stitching to colorful designs for children. If comfort and fashion are top priorities, Minnetonka has the perfect comfort footwear for you.

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