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Snowy Creek Brand Information

“Soft and Cuddly, enjoy the warmth and comfort of quality slippers from Snowy Creek.”

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In a high-mountain valley, the rivers run cold and the treetops are always snowy. From here the Snowy Creek boots you’ve come to love are made. After their premier brand Western Chief, the Washington shoe company joined the sheepskin craze by launching a line of rustic sheepskin slippers, Snowy Creek. Snowy Creek is an adaptation of yet another line you’ve probably heard of, Staheekum. Like its fellow brand name, Snowy Creek focuses on using the amazing heat regulating properties of sheepskin to create sandals that hug snugly to your feet. The flexible suede outer molds to your feet as you wear it, for a long-lasting comfort.

Snowy Creek Style

From their headquarters in Staheekum, Washington, snowfall, rain, and treacherous terrains are all part of day life. To accommodate to local needs, Snowy Creek uses the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship in every single pair of shoe. As an alternative, Snowy Creek is more of the indoor comfort footwear line. They’re selection consists of a variety of sheepskin slippers and moccasins, with classic designs such as the Snowy Creek Women’s Bootie which is an ankle high classic sheepskin slipper with a warm cuff that can be worn up or down. Another popular design is the original Snowy Creek Rustic Slipper: a cozy genuine sheepskin moccasin, perfect for relaxing on chilly nights. All slippers are made with a superior-grip rubber outsole, just in case you decide to venture into the outdoors. Like their homeland, Snowy Creek shoes are simple, rugged, and comfortable.

snowy creek Style

Women's Styles

Like their homeland, Snowy Creek shoes are simple, rugged, and comfortable.

Men's Styles

No matter what you’re doing, durable construction will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Merino sheepskin has been used in Australia for over a century. As part of the culture of the indigenousness people, sheepskin has been applied to all forms of clothing, accessories, and most importantly footwear.

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