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Staheekum Brand Information

“If they’re not Staheekum, don’t bother to keep ’em”

The brand Staheekum is America’s trusted source of quality sheepskin sandals, boots and other products. The brand is, in fact, a branch off of the oldest shoe factory on the west coast called The Washington Shoe Company. Since the settling of the West, The Washington Shoe Company has been providing top quality shoes to Americans. Their footwear varies from all kind of style, colors and sizes for all ages and sexes. With over one hundred years of integrity and the introduction of Australian sheepskin, the Staheekum brand became an instant must-have.


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Staheekum History

Originally, The Washington Shoe Company was founded to provide loggers and gold miners with footwear that met all the demands of an active lifestyle at a reasonable cost. Staheekum has adopted all of those qualities and added the miracle material, sheepskin, to their products. Located in an area of high rainfall and cold weather, Staheekum had to compensate by constantly upgrading materials and the quality of their shoes. In 1998, Staheekum joined the competition with a unique style and comfort that only a century of experience could provide.

Staheekum Washington Shoe Co. Building

Staheekum Style

Sheepskin is commonly used in footwear as an insulator. The waxy lanolin in wool is a natural repellent for dirt and water, giving sheepskin shoes a self cleaning property. By lowering humidity, sheepskin will maintain your body’s temperature, regardless of the temperature outside. On the surface, the material is soft and pleasant to the touch, a perfect bed for tired feet.

Relax in a Staheekum Vail Wheat Slipper is a timeless slip-on with a flexible sole and lightweight sheepskin for maximum comfort. Classics like the original Staheekum Moccassin is the perfect shoe for the most rugged terrains to just relaxing next to a fire.

Kids' and Infants' Styles

Staheekum is the Washington Shoe Company’s step into sheepskin footwear. Because of it’s amazing properties, sheepskin has become more popular than ever in American culture. At we offer a variety of footwear for men, women and children. Staheekum products range from the classic, twin-faced sheepskin to suede trooper hats. Popular models like slip-ons and indoor sandals are now also available with sheepskin for extra comfort. Despite this unparalleled level of comfort, Staheekum remains as rugged as the landscape thanks to their highly skilled craftsman and natures finest materials. As the motto goes, “If they’re not Staheekum, don’t bother to keep ‘em”.

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