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Ugglebo Brand Information

“Hand crafted Swedish clogs.”

Started in 1965, UGGLEBO has been crafting beautiful Swedish clogs and clog boots in the same factory for more than 45 years. The company uses traditional methods and materials, creating all their products exclusively by hand.

With the expressed mission of “bring[ing] clogs back to the popularity they achieved in past decades,” UGGLEBO is committed to creating fashionable, comfortable, and durable footwear for the modern consumer.


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Ugglebo History

After working for Sandgrens Clogs for fifteen years, Sven Carlsson left the powerhouse company to form his own brand. Named after the area where their clogs and clog boots are made, Ugglebo Toffelin was born. Directly translated, Ugglebo means Owl’s nest and Toffelin means clogs – hence the logo.

With the goal of updating the clog for the modern era, the trendy line of clogs quickly began flying off the shelves. Consumers couldn’t get enough clogs - Ugglebo Toffelin could hardly keep up with incredibly high demand that persisted through the 1970’s.

The demand for clogs waned in the 80’s. Two recessions hit early in the decade, but Ugglebo persisted through the rough patch, even buying out their old rival Sandgrens.

Moderate demand persisted from the mid-80’s onwards, until clog mania hit in 2010. Clogs had their biggest year since the 70’s, with clog and clog boots once again becoming high-fashion items prized for their comfort, and durability, and style.

Ugglebo Style

UGGLEBO proudly produces a wide selection of traditional and fashion-forward clogs and clog boots. All our styles feature items with plush sheepskin lining and unique details, and come in a variety of heel heights that create the perfect look. UGGLEBO sheepskin footwear will perfect any outfit. is excited to stock a selection of UGGLEBO clog boots designed by Epaulet. Adele Berne, co-owner of Epaulet and designer of the UGGLEBO Clogs for Epaulet collection created all of these chic styles. Including the Dexter and the Stella, this line uses only the finest materials and most beautiful details to create wearable works of art.

Wearing the UGGLEBO name, you can be sure these boots are made to last as much as they are made to look fashionable. UGGLEBO clog boots are constructed using either traditional staples or decorative nails to fasten the upper securely to the footbed. Either style looks great – staple fastening offers timeless class while nails add fashion-forward style.

If they are made to last and look great, what’s left? Comfort, of course. UGGLEBO’s ergonomic base is constructed exclusively from European Alder wood to provide optimal support and relief for aching feet. Smooth, hand worked wood is the perfect surface for your foot to balance on, distributing the body’s weight evenly and eliminating pressure points that cause discomfort.

Alder wood is especially durable – even when in contact with perspiration. Moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties keep your feet dry and scent free in any situation.

These distinct soles will keep your feet happy and looking great all day. Every UGGLEBO footbed has its own grain markings, making each pair unique. The bases distinct patterns reflect the passage of the seasons, which UGGLEBO calls, “Mother Nature’s Art.”

You can rest easy, knowing that UGGLEBO’s bases are environmentally friendly, too. For every tree cut down to produce UGGLEBO’s products, another is planted. These clog boots may come in classic natural colors, but they are definitely green all around.

Ugglebo Style Ugglebo Style Ugglebo Style Ugglebo Style

Clogs and Clog boots from UGGLEBO are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Natural materials, interesting details, ergonomic design, and handcrafted quality make these shoes a great choice. “Hand Crafted, Fashionable Wood Clogs.”

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