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Warmbat Brand Information

“Original sheepskin boots since 1969”

Nobody knows sheepskin shoes like Warmbat. The Warmbat brand, founded in 1969, is today’s oldest manufacturer of Australian sheepskin. In the past century, sheepskin boots have become an icon in Australian Culture. In respect to this, Warmbat’s signature shoe designs are all adaptations of Aboriginal art, paintings and patterns from the indigenous people of Australia. These designs include anything from animal sketches to paisley.


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Warmbat History

Warmbat’s founder is Paul Barclay, a pioneer in the uses of sheepskin. In 1988, as sheepskin products began making their way into Europe and Japan, Barclay started to unofficially export sheepskin boots into the USA. In just five years, his business grew so rapidly that he eventually brought the name Warmbat over from Australia after a few decades of rest. Warmbat became an instant hit, and Barclay became the number one online distributor and second biggest American manufacturer of sheepskin shoes within his first two years.

Warmbat History Australia

Warmbat Style

To Americans, sheepskin is a relatively new trend, circa the millennium. But to Australians it is an icon, similar to the cowboy hat and the ol’ West. Sheepskin can be used for both its wool and its hide. It’s most noticeable property is that the material itself offers an incomparable softness and cushion for your feet. A natural wax-like substance moisturizes skin but the wool itself removes excess humidity, keeping your body temperature balanced and your feet dry.

As one of the oldest producers of sheepskin products, Warmbat has quite a selection of clothing available. There signature style is the classic two-faced sheepskin boot with Aboriginal artwork and a memory foam sole for superior comfort. They also offer slippers, heavy-duty boots, and fashion sneakers. Warmbat also sets the standards in being an eco-friendly shoe distributer, another one of Barclay’s high standards. As Barclay always said, “It’s not just about the boots, it’s also about the planet they walk on.” Whether rain or shine, step into the luxury of a pair of Warmbat, it will be a life-long reward for your feet.

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