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Care and Repair

Taking good care of your UGG boots will help to ensure that they remain warm, comfortable, cozy and clean for years to come. Here are some tips on the proper maintenance of sheepskin that you may find valuable.

Footwear Care:

Cleaning Your Sheepskin Footwear

Koolaburra Cleaning bottles

Although some people do, we do not recommend putting your boots in the washing machine. If you plan to wash your boots, make sure to use a soft or gentle soap. Hair shampoos are generally more gentle than regular laundry detergents or dish soaps. Normal detergents can severely damage sheepskin! We do recommend hand washing your sheepskin footwear products.

Ensure maximum water repellency and protect against stains with UGG Australia Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent. To clean UGG footwear, use UGG Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner.

We recommend that all Sheepskin products be sprayed with a Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent before being worn especially if they are Twin Faced sheepskin (100% sheepskin) or a light color. This will prevent dirt and oil from soaking into the sheepskin or suede and will thus trap dirt on the surface, making the cleaning process easier. Stain and water repellent is very helpful and effective. We sell a variety of quality sheepskin protectors.

How to Clean Suede Uppers:

Dampen entire boot evenly to the seams. Clean the leather with a soft, damp cloth. Apply a minor amount of water and Suede Cleaner to the cloth. Then rub two pieces of the cloth against each other creating lather. Do not pour shampoo directly onto your sheepskin items. Evenly and gently clean the surface with the cloth. Then thoroughly rinse the boot by using a wet, clean cloth. Allow to dry naturally in the house in a well ventilate area. Avoid heat or direct sunlight. We do not recommend putting your sheepskin shoes in the washing machine. We recommend hand washing for best results. Stuff the boot with paper towels to help maintain its original shape while it dries. Once the boot dries, buff the leather lightly with a clean suede brush to restore the nap of the leather fibers.

After cleaning, spray again with Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent to help protect against any future damage or stains! The spray will put a protective sealer over the upper to keep dirt and grease out. This should enhance the life of the shoe.

How to Clean Twin Faced Sheepskin (100% Sheepskin) Uppers:

Hand wash ONLY, do not machine wash. Dampen the entire boot evenly to the seams with cold water. Apply water and a small amount of Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner to a clean, soft cloth or sponge. You can mix sheepskin shampoo with water to create a nice subtle cleaning solution. Do not pour shampoo directly onto your sheepskin items. Be sure to gently clean the entire boot evenly to prevent discoloration in the Sheepskin. Rub gently on the sheepskin upper as some pieces tend to be delicate. Do not use a wire or coarse brush on sheepskin uppers because they can sometimes scar the sheepskin. Rinse using a clean, wet cloth. Be sure to remove all of the Cleaner. You can maintain the shape of your boots by stuffing them with paper towels. Allow your boots to dry naturally and slowly avoiding any direct sunlight or heat at all times.

After cleaning, spray with Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent to help protect against any future damage or stains!

To clean your Sheepskin Shoes, first wet the entire shoe with cold water using as little water as possible. Then apply a small amount of cleaning soap/shampoo to a sponge or soft brush and clean the entire area thoroughly and evenly. Rinse clean the shoe in cold water. If washing the insides, reshape the shoe or boot by stuffing it with paper towels which will help pull the moisture out of the sheepskin. Let them dry in the house or in the shade to keep the sheepskin in its best condition. Do NOT dry your shoes in direct heat or sunlight.

Shampoos and Repellents

Shampoo bottle

While normal soaps/shampoos work for cleaning your boots, there are some custom Sheepskin Care products we offer that will ensure that your boots are being cared for properly.

The various Sheepskin Footwear Product companies offer special shampoos that are formulated to take extra care of the sheepskin. These products will protect the surface of the sheepskin and allow for easy removal of dirt, without harming the sheepskin. Directions are on the back of each bottle.

The best method to care for your sheepskin shoes is a preventative one. Spraying your boots with a protective seal when they are purchased and/or after they are cleaned is a good habit to get into. Many Sheepskin Shoe companies offer some type of repellent to protect the outer sheepskin. These easy to apply sprays protect your shoes from rain, snow, and stains by putting a protective coating over the skin. This will keep stains and dirt on the surface of your shoe, making it easier to remove them when cleaning. If you plan on using your sheepskin footwear outside of your house, we highly recommend you use this spray.

Replacement Soles

The insoles of many styles can be replaced. Simply pull out the existing insole and replace it with your new insole. You can find replacement insoles in our store, and they are a great way to spruce up the sheepskin under your feet. Putting a new insole on top of the existing insole can be a good way to take up excess room inside the boot or shoe if they ever stretch out. They can also replace the smell that can get trapped under your feet.

Browse through our wide selection of Sheepskin Shoe care products to find what you need. With proper care, your Sheepskin Footwear Products will be clean and comfortable for years to come!

Footwear Repair

We would like to carry replacement soles for almost every EVA-soled Sheepskin Shoe, but it is a difficult task! If your shoe has an EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) sole, it can often be replaced. We have a shoe repair facility on-site where we can replace EVA soles. We will make sure that we have an EVA sole that will work to your satisfaction before putting it on. Sometimes EVA soles are available from certain companies but not from others.

Repairable sole Non-repairable sole

Contacting Us About Repairs

E-mail your Brand, Style, and Size to us at, and we will get back to you with any options available for sole replacement. On average, EVA soles cost about $15.00-$18.00 per pair and labor costs are between $18.00-$25.00. If you want us to resole your EVA soles, make sure we have the materials in stock and then send your shoes to:

  • 746 Higuera St, #5
  • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Please be sure to include your daytime phone number, return shipping address, return shipping method, and form of payment.

We do not perform any type of stitching work. Check with your local repair shop for this type of shoe repair if you have a stitched on rubber sole.

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