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Donations for Dollars

Here at we like to make your shopping experience fantastic, and make you feel good too! That’s why we have our “Donations for Dollars” program. If you have any slightly worn or unused shoes in your closet why not send them in? We'll donate them through our “Gifts From the Sky” program so they get used by people in need and provide you with a discount on a new pair you want! You can trade in your shoes today for a new pair that will make your feet happy tomorrow! Please read on for further details.

Minimum order to use your credits is $120.00; there is a maximum $5.00 credit per pair sent in. We determine the value of products that come in. We can only allow a maximum of 15 pair sent in at one time per month. There is a maximum of 5 items at $5.00 each for a maximum credit of $25.00 on a single order. There is a $140.00 Minimum order to use a credit of $15.00 or higher.

If you send us 5 or more pairs (up to 15) we can provide you with a pre–paid UPS shipping label. If you receive a shipping label the minimum order to receive a discount becomes $160.00, and the maximum discount of $25.00 for 5 pair will still apply, if more than 5 items are sent in your additional credit above the $25.00 will be carried over to use on other new orders. Any new orders using carried over credits must also total $160.00 or more. Please note that very inexpensive sandals or shoes sent in to us might receive less that the $5.00 credit. If you opt to ship the items to us yourself without a pre–paid label we will not be willing to reimburse shipping costs.

Please use this form when you send your items in.

Program Details:

  • Shoes can be sent in at any time; no order needs to be placed before items are sent in.
    • Credits will be kept on file to be used when you place your next order.
  • $120.00 Order minimum without shipping label
    • For discount ($5–$10 credit) after sending in 1–2 pair
  • $140.00 Order Minimum without shipping label
    • For discount ($15–$20 credit) after sending in 3–4 Pair
  • $160.00 Order minimum (with UPS shipping label that we provide for 5–10 pair)
    • $160.00 Order minimum (with UPS shipping label that we provide for 5–10 pair)
  • $5.00 per pair credit per pair received.
  • Maximum of 5 items for a credit to be used on a single order
  • Maximum items taken in per month at one time is 15
  • 5 or more products up to 10 qualify for a return label from us
    • 4 or less shipping is paid by customer
    • 11 or more shipping is paid by the customer
  • Low–end shoes get smaller credit. For example, a $2.00 flip–flop will receive $2.00 credit.
  • Credits can be used on NEW orders and can contain Sale and New items.
  • Credits received are for online use only
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions

Remember shoes can be sent in at any time, when we receive your shoes we will place a credit form in our system for you. You will receive an email with the details of your credit along with directions on how to redeem your credits. Ready to fill out the Donations for Dollars form?

Please see images below to see what kind of condition the items can be in to receive a credit. We reserve the right to inspect the shoes sent in, once we determine the items are in good condition we will provide you with your credits. Donation credits are not of cash value, and if an order is not placed with us we will not provide any monies to you for your donation. Credits for this program never expire.

We like to make you feel good by offering you a credit towards your next order, and from the feeling that your unused shoes are going to someone who really needs them. Read about where your shoes are going here, we will be shipping out shoes to those in need regularly through our “Gifts From the Sky” program.

Are you in need of a donation? We provide new shoes as well as used shoes in good condition, to those in need with our Gifts From the Sky program. Interested in “Gifts from the Sky”?

Please take a look at these examples before you ship any shoes to the donations for dollars.

spilt sole slipper

While the outer on this shoe is acceptable, the splitting on the sole is not. We cannot accept any items where the sole is coming apart or where there is excessive wear.

acceptable boot sole

This sole shows some slight wear in an otherwise completely acceptable boot. This would be okay to send in, as long as the sole has 50 percent of its life left.

acceptable sole slipper emu

The sole is acceptable on this item showing 90% or more of its life this would be a good donation in that manner. We do however want items to be cleaned of debris or dirt before they are sent in.

acceptable boot top

While dirty this boot is completely acceptable and is a perfect example of what we would like to receive in; slightly worn but completely useable. We would also love to receive items that have not been worn at all!

acceptable slipper half-life

This is a more worn example, it is quite dirty and missing some items such as the Tie on the front. The shoe does have some life left as indicated by the sole(right).

acceptable slipper sole UGG

The sole is in near–prefect condition. This type of item we will accept in after a cleaning, however it will most likely not receive the maximum credit for the program.

unacceptable dirty shoe

This type of item we could not accept in. Any item with a blow out/tear or hole cannot be accepted. Please do not send this type of item in.

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