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What is an EMU?

Emu Head Emu body

Long prized for its speed, resourcefulness, and resilience, the emu (pronounced ‘eem-you’) has been proudly included on the Australian Coat of Arms for many years. It is the largest native bird to the content and belongs to the ratite family, a flightless group of birds.

Without the ability to take to the skies, the emu relies on speed, agility, and a fierce kick to protect itself from predators. With some of the strongest legs in the animal world, emus have even been known to take out metal fences without much trouble.

At maturity, emus reach up to 2 meters in height and can weight around 150 pounds. The emu’s size gives it an extremely long gate, which it uses to reach speeds of 30 miles per hour or more while sprinting.

They aren’t just fast though. Emus have developed the ability to execute a sudden 180 degree turn while sprinting which allows them to zigzag their way away from danger. Perhaps as a result of their highly specialized nature, these birds are only able to move forward.

Emus are resolute animals that often travel incredible distances and wait several weeks between meals. The emu’s ability to stand tall and power through challenging conditions is the namesake behind the EMU Australia brand of sheepskin shoes.

Constantly moving forward at a fast pace, EMU Australia is proud to reflect the character of one of Australia’s most-prized national symbols. The company is a leading provider of sheepskin footwear, and has been producing authentic Australian footwear since 1994.

Headquartered in the legendary sheepskin growing region of Geelong, EMU uses only a Borderlester / Merino breed of sheep to produce its boots and slippers. While other companies who use inferior breeds and synthetic liners, EMU refuses to compromise. Their breed gives very dense, yet soft wool that can’t be matched by European, American, or New Zealand skins.

Using unmatched materials, it is no surprise that EMU Australia delivers unmatched quality. Their commitment to excellence features fitted heal cups, double stitching, anatomically correct sheepskin insoles, and dual density outsoles in many styles.

Whether you’re looking for birds or boots, we recommend trying EMU. Feel free to browse the current line of EMU Australia – “Naturally Australian.“

EMU Australia Emu Styles
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